Travel poster of 1930.
The main theme of the museum is specifics of life and household in the country under the influence of the Soviet regime. The USSR museum would become a visual, documentary narrative of the Soviet period of Russian history.

This museum will give visitors a rare opportunity to make a fascinating journey through time into a once powerful, but now disappeared state, allow to trace its history from its origin to its collapse, make visitors acquainted with the everyday life of the Soviet people, imbued with their problems, joys and sorrows. Visitors will be able to learn about unique phenomena born in the USSR, such as the stakhanovite movement, social competition, subbotniks, learn who are the octobrists, pioneers, komsomolets and about their contribution to the country's history. The visitors would also be able to learn about the ideology of the USSR, great Soviet achievements and the actual price paid for them, grandiose plans and mistakes of their realizations, the strengths and flaws of the socialist system, the benefits and harm of propaganda and censorship, become acquainted with the myths and facts, understand what made the USSR so powerful and why it eventually collapsed.

Already available artifacts allow to create a museum exhibition consisting of over 40 sections. Each section will present a specific historical period, a certain aspect of daily life or a significant event. All themes will be organized in logical order, creating a feeling of walking through time and enabling visitors to understand the influence of the historical events on people's way of life. All objects are carefully selected in terms of the best representation of the respective topic. Alternatively, with a small available space, it's possible to make a series of rotating exhibitions.

Among the exhibits of each section will also be а multitude of posters and photographs, each topic will be supplemented by relevant documentary audio recordings and authentic music of the time. In contrast to the past, or still existing amateur exhibitions on Soviet life, whose only goal - awakening nostalgic memories, the proposed USSR museum will not become just another heap of old things and Soviet kitsch. Posing the education as its main purpose, carefully planned exhibition will be highly informative and thought-provoking. At the same time the presentation will be interactive and exciting, not devoid of humor and irony.

Records: "From the history of the Soviet country. Documents and memories"