Besides constantly enlarging the collection and improving the presentation, there are many ideas and plans to make the museum more attractive and engaging. Below is just what can be done in the shortest time with minimal effort.

The famous Mosfilm official logo.

Once the museum is opened, its space could be used as a small cinema for regular viewing of documentary and feature films related to Russian history and culture. Even to the citizens of former Soviet republics it would be interesting to learn many curious facts of the USSR history, to recall or to discover many great Russian actors, beautiful movies and just to have a pleasant time.


Besides the USSR artifacts, there is also a huge collection of world ethnic music available. It contains thousands of rare and little known audio/video recordings of ethnic music and dance around the world, of all kinds of genres and styles, with a very significant number of recordings being from Russia. Many of these recordings have never been released on CDs. It would be wonderful to share this collection by using the museum space also as an international culture exchange salon.

Having this kind of salon inside the walls of the USSR museum shouldn't be surprising. In the USSR, in order to rally such a huge multinational country and to preserve peace, international friendship and culture exchange were officially promoted and encouraged in every way by the state. Many schools, organizations and factories had their own amateur ensembles. Ethnic music of different republics was often heard on radio and TV, numerous concerts and amateur performance competitions were held. Representatives of different nationalities were invited from all parts of the country and even from abroad to introduce others to their culture. It would be nice to continue this good tradition in the new international salon.

This international music salon will have a comfortable homelike atmosphere. Here people could socialize, make friends by interests, learn about different cultures of the world and introduce others to their own, enjoy video concerts and perform themselves. The salon will be both, entertaining and educational. For many, such a salon would become a rare and desired alternative to noisy bars and clubs.

Travel brochure published in the USSR in 1960-70s.