The future of the USSR Museum depends on your feedback. Please spend a few minutes to answer the questions below. Your support will help find sponsors and partners to finally open the museum.

Were you a citizen of the USSR?  

Have you ever lived in a socialist country?  

What is your current country of residence?    

What is your native language?    

What is your age?  

How much do you know about the USSR?  

Would you like to learn more about life in the USSR?  

Would you like to visit a museum of the USSR?  

What do you think about creating a museum of the USSR in your country?  

What do you think about this USSR Museum project?
Please share your thoughts:


The following questions relate to your attitude towards the socialist / communist ideology and its symbols. Your answers would be useful to clarify the concept of the exhibition.

Your attitude towards socialism:  

What is the main idea of communism?  

What do you think is the prime cause of the problems and poverty in socialist countries?  

Propaganda posters were widespread in the USSR and other socialist countries. What is your attitude towards displaying them in the museum of the USSR?  

The topic of the USSR is quite controversial. What attitude towards Soviet Union should prevail in the concept of the museum?