A huge number of artifacts is already acquired for the future museum. Now the project has reached a stage when premises are required for the exhibition. With this website, we hope to find sponsors and partners for the final implementation of this project.


Travel poster of 1930.
The Soviet socialist experiment – an unprecedented social phenomenon, which changed the entire course of world history. Speaking of impact of this experiment on life inside the country, it must be noted that communist ideology and propaganda, along with strict government control over all spheres of life, over several generations had transformed a traditional Russian culture into a totally new, unique culture – Soviet. Not only were the household and lifestyle of the people affected, but their mentality, arts, even folklore and language as well. However, this powerful culture is still not well known to the rest of the world and wrongly understood due to nearly 70 years of isolation of the USSR from the outside world and lack of research. Much of what was happening in the country and the very life of the Soviet citizens still remain a mystery.

For more than 30 years after the USSR's disintegration, countless books and articles have been published, revealing the crimes and shortcomings of the communist regime. Such information is necessary, but it must be taken into consideration that it is not always objective, and most importantly - one sided, because such publications explore the life of the country mainly in political aspect. Such interesting and controversial themes as life in the USSR and Soviet mass culture usually remain unheeded, which leads to a distorted and incomplete understanding of the essence of what was happening in the USSR. If a study of a country in a cultural-domestic context has always been very important, then when it comes to the country that has attempted to change the world, this is doubly important.

Only in recent years the uniqueness and significance of Soviet culture are beginning to be realized. Driven by feelings of nostalgia, people create numerous web sites, online galleries and forums dedicated to the Soviet theme, open restaurants and cafes decorated in Soviet style. In the last few years private collectors and businessmen have made many attempts to create exhibits of the Soviet household. The success of these initiatives has demonstrated a huge public interest to the theme of the USSR.

This interest was finally noticed by the Russian government, recognizing the importance of the preservation of USSR history as a considerable period of Russian history. Not long ago a plan had been made to create an official state museum of the USSR, which is scheduled to open in 2017. However, instead of waiting so long and having to go to Russia to see the exhibition, a new full value museum can be created in less than a year in your own country. A large collection of artifacts of the Soviet Union is already available and ready for presentation. A concept of the museum is developed as well.

By the number of interesting artifacts, topics and by the quality of presentation the proposed museum will greatly surpass all known to date exhibitions on the theme of the Soviet Union, whereby it promises to be a very successful project.

Book: "Way of Life - Soviet!"

The need to study the phenomenon of the Soviet Union is now becoming more apparent. The Soviet socialist experiment and Soviet mass culture should be studied not only in the former Soviet republics, but also worldwide. Ignorance of history contributes to its repetition, and its study will help to avoid the mistakes of the past.