Travel poster of 1930s.
  • A growing interest in the Soviet culture and history is obvious. Exhibitions on the theme of life in the USSR are becoming increasingly popular.
  • A huge collection of Soviet artifacts with a concept of a museum is already available.
  • Each year artifacts of the USSR grow in price and it becomes harder to find them, which only increases the value of the collection and interest in it.
  • The USSR museum offered will largely surpass all past and currently available exhibitions on the similar topics in content and quality of presentation.
  • The new USSR museum can be created in much less than a year.
  • The new USSR museum has a huge potential for a quick success and profit.
  • Establishment of the new USSR museum requires a minimal set up cost in comparison with other similar projects.
  • The proposed museum would become the first quality museum of the USSR and so far the only such museum in the world, which would certainly make it one of the most popular attractions.
  • The new USSR museum will become a significant contribution to the promotion of local and international tourism.

The new USSR museum would be of great benefit to your country and must be created as soon as possible, to take advantage of the current favorable situation.